Magazine design has always been a key offering for us here at Supreme, and we’ve helped produce many publications over the years that we’re very proud of.

However, an increasing number of our clients are becoming ever more conscious to the environmental impact of printing and delivering physical publications, so about a year ago we decided to do some research into what was available as a viable online alternative.

Everyone has seen the PDF flip-books that so many organisations use to share documents intended for print, on a screen. These can feel clunky and are not very intuitive to use; and many don’t work well, if at all, on mobile devices. We thought there had to be a better solution and we discovered it in Foleon (previously called Instant Magazine).

In their own words, ‘Foleon is an all-in-one platform for creating and publishing interactive web content. … Like websites, Foleon publications use HTML5, CSS, and JavaScript; but unlike websites, they are linear in format – more like a magazine.’

In our experience with Foleon so far, it produces engaging, interactive and compelling online publications quickly and effortlessly. The platform easily accommodates a whole range of content from static imagery and text through to sound and video.

Another great benefit of using Foleon is that the online publications can be measured in terms of open rates, and can help drive traffic to your websites. And when you’re using the Foleon platform there are no print or distribution costs which is not only kinder on your marketing budget, but kinder on the planet too.

So far we have found a whole host of possibilities and uses for the Foleon platform beyond just magazines. For instance we’ve produced a ‘Review of the Year’ for our client Peter Brett Associates (now part of Stantec). We’ve also produced an event guide for them containing all of the materials that you would normally expect to be printed and carried around in an event pack.

Another client, Syska Hennessy, have moved their client magazine ‘Connections’ from a printed publication to a totally online version, saving costs and delivering a greener solution.

The possibilities are endless with Foleon, so get in touch if you’d like some ideas on how it could work for you.