For many, the business workplace has changed substantially in the last 18 months. Traditional methods of delivering employee and customer communications – such as brochures and magazines – have taken a back seat as the working environment is no longer a centralised place of work.

With remote working becoming the norm, and with a more disparate and displaced workforce, new and more agile methods of content delivery are needed. At Supreme, we have been trialling different solutions to help our clients continue to deliver engaging and effective communications.

Digital content publishing platforms offer one such solution to the changing communications landscape, and Supreme is pleased to be able to offer digital content solutions in both Foleon and Maglr.

Both platforms are ‘paid for’ subscription services that allow agencies like us – as well as clients with minimal technical knowledge – to design and publish engaging, content-rich, animated publications that can leverage external video and native animation to deliver your story digitally.

The speed and ease with which communications can be produced using these platforms makes them an effective solution to generating regular content and campaigns, both internally and externally. Traditionally this type of project would require a writer, a designer and a developer and could take days, if not weeks to produce, making them expensive and time consuming. With solutions like Maglr and Foleon, powerful design and animation capabilities are at your fingertips as well as non-technical solutions to hosting and publishing.

Each system has its own particular strengths, and our experience of working with both means we can help you choose the right solution for your organisation to start delivering amazing online content, quickly and cost effectively, both in-house and with our help when needed.

Here is an example of a publication we produced in Maglr and another produced in Foleon.

Get in touch to see how one of these platforms can help your organisation stay one step ahead.