Branding and brand development are at the heart of what we do at Supreme Creative. Wherever possible, we approach every task and challenge from a brand perspective and try to ensure that the solutions we deliver for our clients support and strengthen their brand story and ultimately help achieve their business goals.

Over the years and throughout the countless branding projects we’ve been involved in, we’ve developed and refined a process that delivers effective and well-constructed brands for our clients.

As with everything we do, we aim to demystify the branding process and offer our clients straightforward and pragmatic advice that we feel delivers the best results.

Below is a brief overview of our staged approach to brand development. We’ll be posting this in four parts and we begin with proposition development.

Proposition statement development
Before we even consider things like design or brand mark, we advise our clients to get their ducks lined up internally, so that they’re clear on what their story is when talking to the wider world.

To achieve this, we engage with key stakeholders and suggest they ask themselves a number of questions about their organisation, ‘Why are we in business?’, ‘What do we do well?’, ‘Where do we offer value?’, ‘What problem(s) do we solve for our customers?’ and ‘Why would customers or prospects engage with us?’

These simple questions often lead to valuable and unexpected self-analysis. Multiple business partners or stakeholders within an organisation might think they’re all on the same page when it comes to their strengths and value-adds, but, when we dig a little deeper, they’re not always in agreement.

This phase of internal reflection can be invaluable in ensuring the foundations of any brand development work are sound and unified before work begins and that all the brand owners really are on the same page.

The report we then prepare for our clients enables them to drill down into what’s really important and agree on keywords and phrases that they want to feature in their branding collateral.

At this point we bring in one of our trusted copywriters to start crafting these key points into 2–4 paragraphs of well-written content: the all-important proposition statement, in which every word works to best reflect the true nature of the business, its offering and how it adds value.

Once agreed by our client, this piece of written collateral can be used on a whole range of materials both internally and externally, helping to explain the business to employees and external audiences.

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