The Carter Jonas graduate recruitment video is aimed at graduates looking to start their careers at Carter Jonas.

Each year Carter Jonas looks to attract the best graduates in the UK, and to help with this Supreme was commissioned to develop a series of three recruitment videos that help to explain what life is like for a new graduate at Carter Jonas.

The creative concept for the three videos uses an ampersand in a variety of sizes and formats to help explain the diverse and contrasting aspects of a graduate career at Carter Jonas. We commissioned large polystyrene ampersands from a movie prop company, as well as crafting some of the smaller props in-house.

‘Variety & Scale’, ‘Knowledge & Expertise’, ‘Professional & Responsible’, ‘Charitable & Generous’, ‘Onsite & Involved’ and ‘Come & Join Us’ were a few of the phrases that linked the sequences together.

The production took over a year, involving multiple recces and shoots at various locations around the country.

You can view the three videos below: