Having worked on and expanded their IMO Mobile website for several years, Supreme was commissioned by brand owner Verve Connect to develop two new websites, that would clearly sit in the same family.

Following on from their continued success in the Android mobile phone and connectivity markets, the introduction of a new range of electric vehicle (EV) chargers prompted the need to create new content. Following a consultation the decision was made to reintroduce the company website verveconnect.co.uk as well as to create a new site for the EV chargers, IMOenergy.co.uk

Adapting and repurposing some of the existing styles and templates, and adding others, we designed, created, built and launched the websites within a few weeks.

With Supreme’s forward-thinking development approach, Verve Connect is now in a position to be able to add more IMO-branded products and websites in the future – as is their intention – as well as to expand and add to the current sites.