The THP Solicitors brand identity and website was developed following new leadership at THP.

The five partners at THP were keen to develop a new visual identity and website that better represented the business and its aspirations for growth and development over the next few years, as well as its comprehensive range of services.

The new visual identity incorporates two main themes; a swan and origami. The swan is a nod to the geographic proximity of THP’s offices to the river Thames (the offices are located in Reading and Henley). It also symbolises a smooth and graceful glide along on the surface, while underneath there is great effort and activity to keep things moving forward. The origami element of the brand mark reflects the versatile and innovative nature of what THP do for their customers; taking something simple and turning it into valuable and sophisticated solutions for businesses and individuals.

Following the completion of the new brand identity Supreme also completed and launched the new website, showcasing the new brand as well as THP’s full offering.

Take a look at the live website here.