Blake Morgan is a top 50 full-service national law firm, and OwnershIP magazine is its regular intellectual property roundup.

This is the fourth edition of OwnershIP that Supreme has produced for Blake Morgan, and the first fully digital version we’ve developed using Maglr, the digital content creation platform.

With the changes to the workplace over the last 18 months, the delivery of traditional printed marketing collateral has become more and more difficult with employees working from so many diverse locations.

This is where digital content delivery comes into its own. As OwnershIP showcases, the content is rich and engaging and works so much harder than a traditional printed document. The readership can be measured, expanded and communicated to directly, and onward subscription is encouraged throughout the publication. The content draws on external resources to give the reader a more rounded experience of the subject matter, and various topics can be linked into and out from the publication.

Take a look at the publications here.

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