Hoover campaign creative

We were engaged by consumer brand Hoover MEA to develop campaign creative for its range of top-end household white goods, specifically its ONEPWR™ cordless vacuum range.

The initial task was to develop a range of scenarios and environments that could be used and controlled to show the product range in a dynamic and engaging setting. Firstly we produced a range of both light and dark environments to accommodate the various products and product features.

Once these environments had been developed, we added additional layers of ‘light forms’ to explain and enhance the various features and benefits of the product range.

We then developed a range of strap lines to help articulate various USPs of the product range, including ‘Powerful Possibilities’ and ‘Intelligent Performance’.

Once all of these elements were developed and agreed we applied them to a whole range of assets, including press adverts, large-format and billboard adverts, online adverts and web banners, as well as web pages.