…Fontly. An App for mapping the typographic world.

In the words of the Apps creators, ‘Use Fontly to capture, map, and explore the world of vintage typography around us.’

The way it works is you photograph a nice piece of typography, title and tag it and then upload it to Fontly. It then becomes geo-tagged and added to Fontly’s feed, map, and website.

Fontly - an App for mapping the typographic world

The App’s creator, Brendan Ciecko, says:

“The idea for Fontly was inspired by my growing interest in history, the urban landscape, and the eras and evolution of typography and visual style. After traveling from city-to-city, country-to-country, I started realizing that there is a story to be told about places, people, and time … and this story lives in signage. Without picking up a history book, you get a sense of who inhabited the Lower East Side of NYC or Boston’s South End or Krakow’s Old Town; which immigrants settled, what the community valued, their distinct aesthetic, and commercial activities of the past and present. It’s all there.”

Fontly - mapping the typographic world