Nicolette Street and the Revs - Responsive website designIn a departure from our normal type of work, we’ve recently completed the design and build of a website for a rock band.

Nicolette Street and The Revs have recently released their new album ‘Predictable’ and wanted to launch a new website at the same time to help get the album out to fans old and new.

The website is a single page site with scrolling anchor points which makes it really user friendly and gives it some stand out from traditional linear websites. We’ve integrated video, sound, a Twitter feed, social media links, a CMS (so the band can manage the site themselves) and an ecommerce area where fans can buy the bands’ merchandise.

The website has received rave reviews on Twitter and Facebook already and we wish the band the best of luck with the new album! Click here to check out the new website.

Nicolette Street and the Revs - Website design